Skin Trader Murder

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Two Professional Skin Traders Found Decaying In Northern Newfoundland By: Kyle Reimer, Norman Kearney and Trevor Himmel THE CANADIAN EXPRESS Earlier this morning, two professional Skin Traders were found rotting in Northern Newfoundland. The bodies were air lifted to the Central Newfoundland Hospital for study. According to doctors, during the autopsy, the bodies of Jen Dubuc and Sim Hawker expired sometime within the past 3 days.

Doctors learned the cause of the death for both of the murder victims and have released the following statement, "Although the motive is still unknown, the cause of the deaths have been identified," said Dr. Jane Heathersworth, head medical doctor at the Central Newfoundland Hospital. "Jen Dubuc suffered multiple gun shot wounds, one to the chest, and the other to the head. The first gun shot broke a rip and punctured the victim's right lung. The second ended it all very quickly. Jen Dubuc suffered very little.

"Hawker on the other hand suffered for several hours before he bled to death from the grueling axe wound he received in the right shoulder. The axe shattered his shoulder's rotator cup at impact" interrupted Dr. Elsa Major. "It also and cut through the flesh about 6 inches through his skin." Police are still investigating the crime seen searching for the murder weapons to search for the fingerprints to find the murderers. They are also and interviewing suspects and are reviewing possible motives.

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