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Parallel Worlds: The Surprising Similarities (and Differences) of Country-and-Western and Rap In this article it basically talks about the similar and differences between Country and Western and Rap, and showing different examples of each. It states in the article that country western and rap are similar because their lyrics are important that they write in their songs, and both of the music's tells a story. Also, ideologies are espoused by these types of music are remarkably similar as well. The word ideologies are based on there the study of their ideas, nature, and source. The C&W and rap are depressingly similar because of the men of both genres are champion chauvinists. The word chauvinist meaning boastful, unreasoning devotion of one's race, sex, etc. It describes how each singer from rap or C&W are champion chauvinist. It talks about rap, and C&W having strong female voices. Another similar brought out was that both narrators are often criminals, but in some way there attitudes towards law differ.

The issue in this article that I see is that it says that Country and Western view of the law enforcement is better than general public, also there is the fact that country and western contain a great deal of violence, crime, etc. But easily accepted by white Americans while rap arouses alarm and calls for labeling. The question is why? The author gives three major reasons for this argument one simplest, is the language of the music, the second reason is race, and the third reason is that why rap is so widely attacked is that it is closer to the mainstream American economic ideology than C&W is. Most of the violence in C&W and rap does not lie in the songs between the differing attitudes toward law enforcement but it is the way it is heard.

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