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Siddhartha Essay In the novel "Siddhartha"� the Ferryman had the most influence over Sidd. The Ferryman guided him throughout the novel so he could make good decisions and to bring him to enlightenment. When Siddhartha first met the Ferryman he brought him across the river to Kamala were he met his first love and passion, later on in the novel Sidd finds out that Kamala is having his baby. When Sidd wants to go back across the river the Ferryman let him stay in his hut for shelter even thought he barely recognizes him. The Ferryman helps Sidd to listen to the river and to find enlightenment and love toward the river. Even though Siddhartha is a powerful man he to needs help to find his inner-self and enlightenment throughout the Ferryman's help and influence over him.

When Siddhartha firsts meets the Ferryman he brings him across the river to the river bank where there is a beautiful woman gesturing seductively to him.

Siddhartha asks Kamala if she will be his teacher of love. Kamala was very impressed with Siddhartha and gave him a kiss, Siddhartha was so amazed with the kiss and felt amazing inside. Later in the novel you find out that Kamala is having Siddhartha's child. This is the first time that he felt love for anyone and he starts to relies the power of love and what it feels like.

Later in the novel the Ferryman brought Siddhartha back to the other side of the river. The Ferryman recognizes and remembers his once ascetic passenger despite his fine clothes. The Ferryman knew that Siddhartha is trying to listen to the river for help towards enlightenment. When Siddhartha asks the Ferryman is he can stay in the hut with him as a quest the...

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