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Sherlock Homes and the Temple of Fear Film Review Sherlock Homes and the Temple of Fear is directed by Steven Spielberg.

This action movie is set in the Victorian era. It is about a teenage boy who is around the age of seventeen, who is called Sherlock Homes. Sherlock dreams of being a professional detective and is always doing anything he can to get a promotion to the head of police. Whenever there is a crime/problem that needs to be solved he is always on the case. John Watson is a teenage boy who is small and chubby and loves custard tarts. Early on in the movie Sherlock and Watson meet because they share a bedroom along with a few other boys. As they all go to an all boys grammar school. As the movie progresses Watson becomes Sherlock's faithful sidekick. Mr Rote, who is also known as Etar (we find out why later on in the movie), is the schools fencing master and Sherlock is his favourite student.

Professor Waxlatter is the schools science teacher he is trying to invent a flying machine, which is a bike with, wings; he is constantly trying to improve it. Elizabeth is Professor Waxlatter's niece she lives with her uncle at the school but she does not go to the school she is roughly the same age as Sherlock. Sherlock has a crush on Elizabeth and Elizabeth shares the same feelings with Sherlock. Mrs Cribb is the school maid and has a mysterious connection with Mr Rote but I won't reveal that just yet! Mr Dudley is a mysterious character and is also secretly visiting Waxlatter. The police inspector always doubts Sherlock when he tries solving these cases because he is scared that Sherlock will get a promotion to the chief and he won't.

Without giving to much away, the movie is about solving the mystery about the mysterious deaths of a number of men and their deaths are all mysteriously related. Sherlock, Elizabeth and Watson find a blow pipe that a man wearing a dark, long, hooded robe drops they think that this man is somehow related to the deaths of these men. So Sherlock decides to take it to a antique shop to see what it was. They find out that it belonged to an Egyptian tribal group and an Egyptian man bought it. So Sherlock decides to track down the owner. So they go to an Egyptian tavern and find out that the blowpipe was bad luck and evil. As the case progresses they go to a factory because there was some poison on the blowpipe. So they go to the factory that the poison is made and inside the factory they find a large Pyramid so they have a look at what is happening inside, they find some kind of Egyptian ritual going on. The people inside were mummifying a girl who was still alive. The people all looked alike, they were wearing long hooded robes and had bald heads except for a long ponytail at the back of their heads. The head person who was like the head priest was in charge of what was happening. As the plot thickens we find out that the deaths of these people was because of hallucinations because of someone blowing a needle like stick into a part of their body this needle was covered by poison which causes you to hallucinate. Sherlock finds a photo of all the men that died, all together, except one who hadn't died. As the end of the movie draws near, we find out that the fencing master was in charge of the mummification's because he was the person who was the head of the Egyptian Cult, and the school maid was also part of the cult and was also one of the main people incharge of the Cult. They were mummifying those girls because in Egypt, a little boy's parents had died along with five princesses they died during a fire, so they decided to mummify those girls to represent those five princesses. The movie is finished off with a triumphant sword fight between the fencing master and Sherlock and Sherlock wins a triumphant victory.

I thought that the special affects were very good for that time in which it was made especially during the hallucinations but some of the hallucinations were a little bit over exaggerated, but saying that I think that they were well overdone because if they wouldn't have been that bizarre the people wouldn't have died with so much action going on. The camera techniques during the sword fight were excellent as they followed them in the fight you were able to see the fight from many angles and from each persons point of view.

The costumes and the backdrops were excellent especially in the pyramid where the ritual were excellent and also at the school everything looked so realistic, and also during the fight when they were fighting on the thin ice, that kept you in a lot of suspense because you weren't sure when the ice was going to break and who was going to fall in the water and eventually drown. However, I thought that the acting was a little bit poor, but it did have some good parts for example during the sword fight and the mummifying of those girls even though they weren't real girls when they were covering them with the hot metal, it looked like it was actually happening and when pulls a diversion to be able to save Elizabeth from getting mummified. The plot was excellent and I kept me in suspense. But during the sword fight it was a little bit too predictable.

I enjoyed the movie it kept me in suspense and there were a lot of things going on and whenever you thought that you had solved the crime and knew what was going to happen, another part of the mystery arised so it again changed the plot so you had start again in trying to solve the mystery.

I would give it a 7 ½ I would have given it a higher rating if the acting were more interesting. I would recommend it to any one who enjoys watching action/mystery movies.

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