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Most people today use a sheet to cover up a bed. The sheet is known as something to be slept on. The sheet is completely overlooked. The sheet has uncountable other uses. The sheet, a lightweight cotton material provides any family with many uses.

To begin with, the sheet serves as a necessary moving tool. When moving into a new house, sometimes a house is left with out blinds for numerous days. Any family would fell without privacy. A sheet is then easily tacked up to the window to give the family comfort. This sheet will serve as a temporary blind for the family. After moving into a new home it is then time to paint. When painting a house any family is concerned about damaging the carpet. A sheet will simply solve this problem. By placing a sheet on the carpet the carpet will then be free of excess paint.

When the sheet is removed the carpet is as fine as before. Also, when painting, a sheet is a excellent way to cover the furniture. A sheet is quickly placed on the furniture and if the paint drips it will not destroy any furniture. In a finally step to moving packing is a definite worry. Any family is worried about their personal belongings getting broken. A sheet easily takes those worries away. When putting breakables in boxes a sheet will serve as an insulator to protect the breakables from being damaged. When the move is complete the breakables will be free of harm. A sheet not only helps in moving but also provides any family with exciting Halloween costume.

Secondly a sheet will create a economical Halloween costume for all ages. When Halloween time comes around any mother is stressed in finding a affordable costume for their child. When all along the perfect costume is in the family's home. A sheet will quickly transform into a scary ghost costume for the child. All that is needed is any white sheet and a pair of scissors. By placing the sheet over the child covering him/her completely up the child then looks like a ghost. All that is needed to finish the costume is for two eyeholes to be cut out for the child to see. This costume saves the mother lots of time and money. Also a sheet can provide an older person with a costume. For example Sam goes to college and is invited to a costume party. He is very busy and doesn't have much time to look for a costume or money to spend. A sheet will solve all of Sam's problems he can use a sheet that he already has and use it to make a toga costume. This is a immense costume that everyone at the party will love and it cost him nothing. A sheet has countless other uses than costumes. The sheet is then used for countless duties outside.

Finally, a sheet performs various outside tasks that will help out any family. When cleaning a car there is always trouble finding rags to clean with. No one want to use their good towels either. Any old sheet will work in this situation. All that need to be done is to cut a sheet into smaller pieces, they will transform into useful cleaning rags. The car will be as clean as ever with the help of a useful sheet. When the car is clean it then needs an oil change. A sheet will come in handy then by placing underneath the car, and using it to protect the garage floor, and giving comfort to the person changing the oil. The garage is not the only place where the sheet can find use. The backyard is the next place. For example will Bill works hard on his garden all summer long he doesn't want any thing to happen to it. So when a horrible storm approaches sheets can be used to protect the garden. Sheets will prevent most of the hail damage and save the garden from harm.

It is extremely obvious that a sheet is used to make a bed. Families may not realize, while sleeping in a bed, the several other uses that a sheet provides. With some imagination sheets can be used for anything from moving to Halloween costumes. They prove to be both practical and effective in any household. So when considering throwing away your old sheets, be sure to consider the many other uses a sheet can present.

The sheet a lightweight cotton material provides any family with many uses.

I. First the sheet serves as a necessary moving tool.

A. When moving into a house the sheet will serve as a temporary blind.

B. When painting the sheet will work as a drop cloth to protect the carpet.

C. When painting the sheet will also protect any excess paint from dripping onto the furniture.

II. The sheet creates a economical Halloween costume for children of all ages.

A. The sheet quickly forms a kid into a scary ghost.

B. The sheet can be used for a toga costume for an older kid.

III. The sheet also performs various outside duties.

A. The sheet can be torn into small rags to clean with in the garage.

B. A sheet can be laid down under a car when working on the car.

The sheet can be covered over a garden to protect from the weather.

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