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Before this movie, I knew little of Oskar Schindler's story. This was such a powerful and moving plot. Spielberg did a commendable job bringing Thomas Keneally's 1982 novel to the screen. This film has earned countless awards, which are truly well deserved. The movie is both deeply moving and believable. I thought filming Schindler's List in black-and-white was an effective way to portray the oppression of the Jews. The scenes of the cruel slaughter in the Polish ghetto and concentration camps are painful to watch. To depict the Holocaust as a tragedy of individuals, Speilberg uses a little girl in a red coat, which catches Schindler's eye more than once.

I believe the theme of this movie was to educate people of the anguish the holocaust has caused and to spread the message, that all human lives are precious, regardless of religion, or race. Rarely can we find someone who selflessly risks their life to save a great number of people.

Oskar Schindler made a sacrifice that he felt was morally right. He recognized what the Nazis refused to acknowledge. How much farther would we be if no one stood up to what Oskar risked his life to hold true? As for the characters, I found it interesting how Oskar Schindler's character, played by Liam Neeson, evolved throughout the film. First as a German War profiteer, then later, an unlikely savior to eleven hundred Jews. At the beginning of the film, Schindler wanted to capitalize on the Jews. Since the Jews were forbidden to engage in business, Schindler was not obligated to pay them. Despite this, Schindler took care of his workers. As things worsened, the workers at Schindler's factory noticed that they were protected. Schindler uses his charm to convince the SS Officer, Goeth, to allow the Krakow Jews...

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