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English 1100 September, 17 2001 Fall 2001 Professor Thomas Mc Laughlin Scene of Racism This scene begins with Grant pulling up to Henri Pichot's house. Grant was told to be at the pichot's house at five o'clock p.m. Grant was invited in by an upset Inez. From the first moments in the house, Grant is told by Inez that he is being bet against by Louis Rougon. The racial tension begins to build from this moment. Grant waits and waits until Sam Guidry and Edna Guidry finally make it to the house. Grant is made to wait longer. Inez is even asked if Grant is still there as if daring him to leave or spiting in his face. Grant waited two and a half hours until finally he is "granted" permission to speak with them. The wait was a gesture meaning your black, your not important, you can wait on us.

The racial tension is heightened when the four white men Henri Pichot, Sam Guidry, Louis Rougon, and the fat man enter the room. Grant faces racism and humiliation through the whole conversation in the way of acting unintelligent. He is also humiliated when he has to ask for permission to see Jefferson. The conversation begins with the sheriff asking Grant many questions about what he is going to teach Jefferson. The questioning was more for humoring the men then for acquiring knowledge. Through out the questioning the men are humored by the responses and ideas Grant talked about. The whole event ends with Ms. Emma getting what she wanted and Grant totally humiliated.

The social and historical context through this scene really shows the struggle of the black race in this point of time. Even though Ms. Emma had done so much for the family in...

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