It's Okay To Be An Idiot

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1 If enough of us slack, they'll name a generation after us.

2 Lions laze around for up to 21 hours a day. Compared to them, we're productive.

3 Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity while lounging, and an apple fell on his head.

4 Doing a million things at once makes you more susceptible to catch a cold.

5 Great ideas often come while doing something else. If we get ours from watching The Simpsons, who can blame us? 6 You're not only catching ZZZ's, you are solving problems. It's called dream incubation, ask a question before you go to sleep, and it will be answered in your dream. (Whether or not you remember the answer is the catch.) 7 In Spain, we'd practically get grounded for not taking a siesta.

8 Grandma worked so hard on that quilt, the least you can do is enjoy it.

9 Look what doodling did for South Park creators Trey Park & Matt Stone.

10 We're only young once.

11 Reading magazines boosts verbal skills.

12 Watching TV also boosts verbal skills. Dawson knows more big words than most Ivy League admissions directors.

13 Taking a breather gives you perspective. Most writers wait before re-reading their work. So, stash it for a few days.

14 What's the point in buying cute pajamas, if you barley get to wear them? 15 Screwing up leads to brilliance. Popsicles were accidentally made when some guy left a drink outside and it froze.

16 Victoria's Secret made a business out of lounging in scantily clad lingerie.

17 Why have a TV if you're not gonna use it.

18 You have to break in you pillow.

19 While you sleep, your brain is still active.

20 Why deprive you family & friends of quality time with you? 21 Inspiration comes in suprising packages. Stephen King writes to rock music.

22 When you get super stressed, part of your brain can shrink. So, we can safely assume when you're chilling, it expands.

23 You're not zoning out, you're visualizing future success.

24 With your natural brilliance, you have to let others catch up.

25 Its not the quantity of homework that counts, it's the quality.

26 If god didn't want us to chill, he wouldn't have invented Starbucks.

27 To the untrained eye, it looks as if you're watching TV. But you're actually practicing the ancient Buddhist art of doing nothing.

28 Scientific studies have proven we teens need more sleep that adults.

29 If you're relaxed 24/7, think how much your family will save on vacations.

30 The new millenium is all about slowing down and simplifying our lives.

Case In Point: *Albert Einstein got crappy grades in highschool.

*Astronauts on Apollo 8 played with Silly Putty.

*The leaning tower of Pisa was a half-ass job, look how popular it is.

*Beethoven's music teacher hated his work.

*Michael Jordan was cut from his highschool team.

*Walt Disney was fired from a job for not being creative enough.

*President Clinton loves to take naps. (Naps, eh? *wink wink, nudge nudge* ) *College kids goofing around with an empty pie tin created the frisbee.

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