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RULES of CASA Soccer League 2001 The rules governing play in this League will be those found in FIFA- Laws of the Game; Rules for Referees, United States Soccer Federation (July 1995). Additional "operational rulings"� will be as follows: 1) Substitutions; a team may substitute any number of players; players may reenter the game after leaving as a substitute. Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times: A- prior to a throw-in, only by the team in possession B- prior to a goal kick, by either team C- after a goal, by either team D- after an injury, by either team, when the referee stop play E- at halftime by either team F- at the referees discretion 2) Cards: Yellow Cards; players accumulating five yellow cards during the season will pay a $10.00 fine to the League and will be suspended for the next match.

Red Cards; penalties and fines will be in the following format: - first Red Card (1st) = $10.00 minimum fine, plus one scheduled game suspension; - second Red Card (2nd) = $20.00 minimum fine, plus two scheduled games suspension; - third Red Card (3rd) = *taken on case-by-case by league officers, minimum $30.00 fine.

(* The League reserves the right to go beyond these minimum standards depending on the severity and intent of the infraction/violation. All fines must be paid before the player will be allowed to play in another match regardless of how many games they miss, no pay, no play).

3) Rosters; Every team must provide a current player roster to referee before start of game. Teams may carry up to 20 players on their team, but a maximum of 18 players may be listed on rosters and eligible to play on game day. Roster forms will be provided to team Managers. Rosters can be "homemade", but they must be legible and contain the following: Card #, Expiration Date, Player Name, Player Jersey #.

4) Equipment/Check-in; ALL players will present their OASA player card and have their equipment checked by referee before game. Players without proper equipment will not be permitted to play.

Players without a valid OASA player card will not be permitted to play. Late (after game starts) arrivals will present their OASA player card and have their equipment checked by the linesman before being allowed to play.

5) Teams must have at least eight (8) players with valid OASA player cards and proper equipment to start a game; A 15 minute "grace period"� will be allowed after the scheduled game start time. After this 15 minute "grace period"� if your team is not on the field and ready to play, the game will be declared a forfeit.

(see rule number 8) 6) Conduct of Supporters; ALL teams are directly responsible for the actions of their supporters before, during and after a match.

A- The Referee may terminate the match if a team manager refuses or fails to control the supporters associated with his/her team when requested to do so by the Referee.

B- Any incident involving a teams' supporters will be reviewed by League officials. Action may be taken against the team, individual players, the manager, and the coach.

C- Players, Managers, Coaches, and the Referee will all work together to resolve any problems with fans and supporters that are not identified as belonging to either team. In the event the incident escalates beyond the reasonable control of League participants, the local police will be called to intervene.

7) Field Preparation; A- Teams provide their own equipment (nets, balls, flags). Teams which play the first game on a field area responsible for putting up the nets and flags and making the field ready. Teams which play in the last game of the day on a field are responsible for taking nets and flags down, and replacing any school equipment.

B- Home teams are responsible for painting and marking field up to FIFA standards prior to start of game (i.e.; Madras teams will prepare Madras Fields and Bend teams will prepare Bend Fields).

8) Forfeit games: A- In the event a team does not show up at all, or they have less than 8 players ready for game time: they forfeit the match and pay a $55 fine to the League which will be reimbursed to the team that receives the forfeit.

B- If neither team is ready, a double forfeit will be issued or the game rescheduled (only if referees can be canceled prior to game with no charge). If the game cannot be rescheduled, both teams will receive zero (0) points in the League standing table.

(If you know ahead of time that you will forfeit, notify the referees, the other team manager and Bob Dietz at least 48 hours prior to the match so that you will not charge for the match) 9) Out-of-League Play; In the event a team would like to play in an Out-of League game or tournament once the CASA League starts, the following will apply: A- All three parties must agree on a reschedule, (the three parties are both team mangers and the referees); B- The team desiring to play Out-of-League can decide to forfeit the match and pay fine; C- The team desiring to play Out-of-League can notify the other team manager, the referees and Bob Dietz at least 48 hours (hopefully longer) prior to the scheduled match start time to avoid additional charges.

10) Game Reports; Referees will provide copies of their official game reports to League official following Sundays games (should be in League office by the following Wednesday). All disciplinary actions outside the FIFA Rules will be determined and administered by CASA. League Contact: Bob Dietz Ph:(541)385-9607 FAX: 385-9625 11) Rules; Managers are responsible to share the League rules with their players. League standards and rules will be followed, no excuses will be accepted.

12) Captains; Teams will designate a captain which may be identified on the field by use of a single arm band. It may only be worn by one player at a time. A captain may also be designated to the referees prior to the start of the game. The captain will be the only person sanctioned by CASA to talk to referees during the game. Any other players risk a yellow card by conversing with the referees (at the discretion of referee).

13) Age Requirements; There is no official minimum age limit for players, BUT all players under 18 years old prior to the first League game are required to sign and have a parent sign a CASA Liability Release and Indemnity Agreement. This helps protect CASA, Inc., CASA Soccer League, its officers and directors from liability, or any other claim.

14) CASA Waiver; All players are required to fill-out and sign a CASA Liability Release and Indemnity Agreement. Players refusing to sign will not be allowed to participate in CASA.

15) Player Transfers; Once a player plays in an official CASA League game, he/she cannot transfer and play with another (second) team during that same season. Players may transfer to another team for the following season.

16) League Standings;League format will change from year to year depending on the number of teams in the league and the number of games played during a season. The following guidelines will be used in all formats: A- All regular season games will end after 90 minutes. Regular season draws are will be an accepted result.

B- Points will be awarded as follows: 3 points = WIN; 1 point = DRAW; 0 point = LOSS In the event of a tie in the final regular season standings, the tie will be broken in the following manner: A- head-to-head games played between the tied teams, then B- goal differential in head-to-head games then, C- if teams are still tied; a playoff game will be played 17) Playoffs: If a playoff game is tied after 90 minutes of play the tie will be decided in the following way: A- 2 full 15 minute overtime periods will be played. (no sudden death/golden goal) B- 5 players from each team will then take penalty kicks (see detail) C- If the game is still tied; a single player (not one of the original 5) from each team will take penalty kicks.

This will continue until the tie is broken.

All eleven (11) players who were on the field at the end of the game are eligible to take PKs. Players who were on the bench are not eligible. After all eleven players have participated in PKs, teams will start over with any of their eleven (11) eligible players taking single PKs until the tie is broken.

The top three (3) teams will receive awards at the end of the season.

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