Romeo And Juliet, The Conflicts. By: Dana B.

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Every Capulet in Verona felt resentment towards the Montague; the feeling was mutual. The hatred between them was embedded as if it was innate in their souls. They were both very wealthy and noble families, but could not bear to see their rival's well being. This quarrel was passed throughout the generations, yet no one remembers the cause of the feud. Their bitter rage swiftly drained the serenity of Verona's atmosphere. The city in which they lived had become affected by the rancorous mood. Alas! Many years of rage and spite have gone by before the families finally atoned for their incorrigible behaviour.

Rosaline is a beautiful and charming lady whom Romeo was deeply in love with. Unfortunately for the gentleman, Rosaline had forsaken his love and stabbed his heart with a poisoned arrow of agonising and tormenting pain. Romeo's wounds and aches had taken over the best of his character.

The melancholy of his loss prolonged his nights and days. It is pitiable whereas the poor fellow would give anything to be with the darling maiden. Therefore, he acts daringly to catch a glimpse of his beloved by attending the Capulet's masked ball. That evening, Romeo perceived what he had not expected.

Count Paris was a noble and valiant young man with a worthy social rank. The honourable man requested Juliet for his wife. With a manner grand, he asked Lord Capulet for his daughter's hand. The father allowed him to marry at Juliet's consent. Count Paris now had permission but furthermore, he had to win the damsel's heart. However, Juliet did not wish to marry, she wanted to fall in love. Although her mother's advice and encouragement, she was not captivated by the gentleman's charms and wealth which were supposed to enhance her life. She firmly and clearly stated her refusal.

It was love at first sight for the two lovebirds. Romeo and Juliet form a most passionate and loving couple. Their love and compassion for each other was definitely stronger than their family's hate. How lamentable, she is a Capulet and he, a Montague. He melted at the vision of her magnificence and loveliness. Juliet had enchanted his spirit with her beauty and charm and left her beau drooling over her elegant delicacy. She fell for his handsomeness and unforgettable gaze. There was something about Romeo that forced her heart to race at the speed of light.

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