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ROME: Republic to Empire Soon after the end of the third Punic war between Carthage and Rome, Rome becomes very big in size. Therefore because of Rome's conquest and growth it became an empire.

Rome's victory over Carthage put them in control over the busy trade routes that once were controlled by Carthage. Huge amounts of goods and wealth poured into Rome, but this wealth soon threw Rome into a declination.

Growth Effects There were huge socioeconomic effects from the huge change in wealth. The wealthy started "latifundia's"� which were plantations run with slave labor. These were cheaper to run and forced farmers to sell their land and move to Rome. With these "latifundia's,"� the rich kept getting richer and the poor kept getting poorer. Of course the rich were happy, powerful, and greedy, but this created a corruption. The poor on the other hand were angry and caused riots.

Out of these riots, rose the Gracchus brothers. These brothers led movements for public good and redistribution of land. They also wanted the government to supply food to the poor and create a sort of "welfare."� The Gracchus brothers were soon seen as a threat and were killed along with their followers. This triggered a one hundred-year war.

Julius' Rise to Power Rome was no longer able to keep peace and this caused confusion in the government and there were no strong leaders to keep peace. Julius Ceaser rose out of this confusion and became the leader. Julius killed his two partners, Pompay and Crascius. Ceaser created a drastic reform, which in return got popular support. He created public works projects such as the aqueducts and the coliseum. This created a middle class and the senate gets nervous and becomes afraid of losing their jobs. This causes the class system...

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