The Roman Coliseum

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Like most People in this world, they like to be entertained. For this reason they might go to such a place as a Coliseum, a large Amphitheater for public sports, entertainment, and assemblies. Today there is a Coliseum that is in Oakland that is called the Oakland Coliseum were many baseballs, and football events take place. Back then there was a famous Coliseum were, many excruciating events took place. This was called the Roman Coliseum.

The Roman Coliseum was built during the reign of Emperor Vespassian OC.72 AD and his son Titus dedicated it in 80AD. Emperor Vespassian constructed the Coliseum. He started in 69AD and then he finished his project around 82 AD. It was finished under his sons reigns Titus.

The popular name of Coliseum came about because the immense oval stadium was situated next to a colossal statue of Nero. The original name of this Coliseum was The Amphithearum Flavium.

The coliseum stood over 160 Ft. high with eighty entrances, the Roman Coliseum also had 4 stories. On the 4th story it has a shield to block the audience from the sun .The Coliseum could fit up to 50,000 people which only 1,100could fit in a level. The Coliseum has an enormous attic for supplies. For each of the stories it has a walkway, and a stairway. In the Coliseum the attic has no windows or doors only the one that you get in and out of. The person who created the Roman Coliseum was Julius Seizer. It took lots of days and even years just to create the Roman Coliseum. The creator, Julius Caesar, was killed at a very young They used the Coliseum for entertainment one thing they used it for was an unpleasant habit. It was to kill...

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