Right Or Wrong?

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It's that time of the year again to vote for president and I don't know who I'm going to vote for. I don't like Gore because he looks like a pedophile. So I guess I will vote for Bush. He seems like a good person to vote for. He seems like he would do a good job as the president of our country.

While watching the debate I learned that there are many ways to use power. Bush said that he wants to do what is best for the nation's best interest. The three key things that He said that would be the best for the nation interest are medicare for senior citizens, strong military, and a better education's for students. Gore said that he wants to use power to form a better nation. Some things that he would improve are keeping a strong economy. Our wealth helps us help other countries.

He said that we also need to have compassion.

They also talked about how should the world see us? Bush said other nations should see us as a country that understands freedom and they should respect us as a humble nation. Gore said that other countries resent us for our power and we need to have compassion. He said that we also need to keep a strong economy, and our wealth helps us help other countries.

Another thing that was brought up is should we take sides in war? Bush thinks that we should stay neutral and Gore said that we should stay with Israel. Bush thinks that Saddam should be removed from Iraq and Gore thinks the same thing .

Another question that came up was if the fall of Malosivick was good for the United States ? Bush said that it was a good for the United States because now we don't have to worry about fighting with them anymore and Gore said that he agrees.

Another Question that was brought up was why not help africa, but help middle east? Bush said we shouldn't send troops to places without help from that country. Gore said we should help any country that needs help no matter what the problem is.

It is very hard to decide who to vote for so when you vote don't make the wrong choice . Make sure that you choice the right guy instead of the bad guy. I think that i will vote for bush because he seems like a good person to vote for. The stuff that is written above is some of the reasons why i choose picked who i want to vote for. The main reason i want to vote for Bush is his dad was president once so he might know what he is talking about because.

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