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This is a paper on an experience that changed my life. It was the second day of the first grade. I was so excited because it was my first time ever to ride the bus. My mom told me to ride the bus home that day. Therefore, I just went through the day as if it were a regular day. My teacher was Mrs. Harman, and she was my favorite teacher ever. During the day, we reviewed our ABC's and 123's. At about 11:30 A.M. we all went to lunch and recess, to play. When we came in at around 12:05 P.M. we all played games. Therefore my two best friends and I played chutes and ladders. By 1:00 P.M. we all did our math. It was hard or so I thought so at the time. Finally, after reading, math , and recess the day was over. I got my pink and blue coat out of my cubby along with my purple backpack, and set off for the bus.

There was a problem though. I did not know what bus I was suppose to ride. I went to my teacher and she looked on a piece of paper. Then she told me I was supposed to ride the bus with the yellow piece of paper in the window. MY teacher told me to get on the second one. I found a friend from my class but I did not see my neighbors. So, I just sat with my friend. As the bus left the school, I realized that we turned the opposite direction form my house. I lived abou ta mile form West Minico Jr. High School. I figured we would turn around after we dropped off some kids, but we never did. I was beginning to get scared. In the meantime, my mom was freaking out as well. OUr neighbors had gotten off the bus at our stop but I didn't. My mom called the school to see if I forgot to ride the bus. The secretaries told her I was not there and they called all the busses. The buss driver on the bus I was on didn't hear the announcement. So we kept going. When we made the last stop I was still there so the driver took me to the school and they called my mom. My mom told them she would come and get me. So when she got there we hugged and cried then we hugged again. This event has changed my life in so many ways. I kno wknow how much my mom really does love me and how much I mean to her.

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