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The Parable of the Rich Man I would have the most trouble doing without the use of computer technology. To me the use of a computer is a necessity and I would find it difficult to function without it. The computer helps me gain information on various subjects and helps me learn about the world around me. Losing that ability would restrict me from the information needed in today's world.

I would have trouble doing without a home to live in. I have been raised with certain comforts, such as, air conditioning, heating, and the use of electricity. Also, a home is a safe environment to live in to feel protected. A home is a place that you can always go to when problems occur.

I would have trouble doing without materialistic items, such as, new clothing, television, and products for keeping good hygiene. I have my own room and a lot of personal possessions, such as, musical instruments and sound equipment.

I wouldn't like not having a bed to sleep on or pillows on which to rest my head. I wouldn't like giving up my time that I spend in entertainment functions.

Like the rich man in the parable, I have tried to keep the commandments since my childhood. The problems that would arise from giving up everything would, in my mind, create a barrier that I have not reached. To simply give away all of my money, which was hard earned, would be unthinkable at this stage in my life. My basic understanding of living a normal life is the type of life of which I am accustomed and I would not feel comfortable living any other way.

Of all these material things that I have listed as being difficult to give up the most important thing would be the loss of daily contact with my parents. They have created an environment of support and loving care that would be impossible for me to give up. To walk away completely from my family at this time of my life is not an option for me. As I mature in age my thought process might change but these are my present feelings at this time.

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