This was a research project I did for a siminar class. It was titled, "Paranormal Phenomenon: Fact or Fiction."

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Paranormal Phenomenon: Fact or Fiction

"Dead men tell no tales," so the English Proverb tells us. However, many people have seen or heard the ghosts of these dead men. There has been a substantial debate for many years over paranormal phenomenon, whether it is true or false.

Research, Question and Hypothesis

"Are ghosts real, or just a figment of our imagination?" has always been very controversial question. After through investigation, we believe that this phenomenon does in fact exist.

Skeptics have always existed on the subject of paranormal phenomenon. Some tales of ghosts are thought to be legends, but the origins of these stories are rarely known to anyone. Most stories remain mysteries to just about everyone. People find some stories very hard to believe, therefore there are assumed to be false. Take for example, the story of Queen Anne Boleyn: "She is a headless specter that walks the Tower of London with her head tucked under her arm" (Cohen x intro).

On the other hand, some stories exist with facts to back them up. Facts like recordings, photographs, and other visual or audio aids. There are indeed, many differences in beliefs when it comes to this subject. A paradox exists on believing or not. These people that do believe in ghosts see them as a friendly presence. People, who do not believe, however, think of ghosts as a terrifying sight. They are "scared to death" to see one (Cohen ix intro).

Paranormal experiences are defined as those instances in which persons perceive phenomena that appear to defy scientific explanation (MacDonald 35).


No matter what kind of stories are heard or told about paranormal phenomenon, there will always be some kind of proof that this material really does exist. Many stories have been told about ghosts that have...

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