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At first this book seemed like a book about a bunch of juvenile delinquents. But as I read it became more interesting and I felt I was part of the story. Farther into the book you start to realize that as time goes by the characters start developing relationships between each other whether negative or positive. The characters also start developing new relationships in themselves and building new ones with family.

As Jessie being the main character in the book I noticed her relationship with her father first. They have always been together since Jessie's mother had died therefore leaving Jessie and her father alone. It had been pretty stable until Madeline arrived. Jessie's father hadn't dated until then and then got engaged with her. Jessie disapproved with this and with being in her rebellious teen years she reacted. Her father was stunned by this and visited a number of counselors with Jessie. This also angered Jessie because her school counselor (a good friend of Madeline's) suggested a rehabilitative program named Discovery Unlimited but also referred to by the participants by Hoods in the Woods. By sending Jessie to this camp Jessie no longer wanted a relationship with her father but she also rebuilt it.

Star, a homeless girl became almost sisters with Jessie. The two enjoyed each others company at first Jessie was intrigued by this girl. Star's life was based on astrology and was extremely optimistic. Star's relationship with Jessie grew extremely fast and soon the two became almost like sisters. Jessie was amazed at the way Star acted and loved her so much. In the end of the book these two girls were like sisters. The two always were side by side.

The book describes Freddy as a loner. He is so mysterious, always disappearing into the wilderness. He is very knowledgeable of the outdoors. Freddy is extremely shy when it comes to being around people. He is very caring when it comes to Jessie. He saved her already in two near death experiences. I hope that they get together in the sequel. They would make a great couple.

At first it seemed as if Troy and Jessie had a romantic relationship. I thought that at first they had a romantic relationship. It turned out to be one that was extremely negative. Troy interested Jessie but he really didn't care about her. The relationship between them was really negative by the end of the book. He was the main antagonist.

Jessie hated Madeline and grew jealous of her. I think that it was because Jessie became possessive of her father. And thought Madeline was intruding. There was no relationship between them and if so it was extremely negative. She eventually came to like Madeline after spending some time with her. Madeline turned out to be nice instead of the "selfish witch" that Jessie thought she was.

This book is full of relationships but there is not enough time to explain them. This book was quite interesting. All of the characters were pretty much a big family. And all turns out good.

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