Regrettable Love

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Regrettable Love A modern dressed charming young lady was coming out of a taxi. Her imposing dress, designed by a famous French designer, appeared to be magnificent comparing to the ones of the rubes around. With all kinds of precious and exquisite jewelry hanging on, this woman seemed to be affluent yet not lacking of tastes. She is Eve, a successful businesswoman who went abroad with her family at the age of eighteen and had now returned her hometown to for the first time.

Back to this small town, she felt like arriving in a completely new place. Different people, unfamiliar streets, and all the other changes made her uneasy. However, the thing she disliked the most was her old friend Frank¡¯s wedding she had just attended. The focus of today¡¯s wedding should have been Frank and her if time could flow backwards for several years, but right now, there was another inimical girl standing beside Frank wearing a beautiful white gauze dress.

She held Frank¡¯s hand with great joy and went into the church together with him. All of a sudden, a kind of jealousy filled Eve¡¯s heart. She began to recollect the time when herself fell in love with Frank.

It was ten years ago when Eve and Frank were young in high school. They were in the same school and in the same class. Maybe it was doomed in their lives that when they first came into this school, the teacher put the two of them together in the same row. Frank sat just behind Eve. So, every time when Eve turned around to get her books or talk to her friends, they could get a clear glimpse of each other¡¯s face. Day by day, Eve began to become familiar with the watching and was always looking forward to it. Whenever Frank was absent or for some reasons, was not at his seat when Eve turned around, this poor little girl would feel lacking of something.

Frank was a handsome boy. Many girls in the class admired him at that time and the expressions in his eyes were so strange that it could make you blush immediately. As a matter of fact, lots of girls fell in love with him. However, he was a playboy who did not prefer to have a fixed girlfriend. As a result, he gave the other people senses of unbelief, and so did he give Eve. Without any choice, they continued watching each other, escaping and chasing until one night.

It was the last New Year¡¯s Eve they spent together in high school. To celebrate this, the whole class had a party at a nearby restaurant. Frank was in a bad mood that night and had drunk a lot. Once he had a chance to be alone with Eve outside the restaurant, he finally made a decision. Leaning his head on Eve¡¯s shoulder, he told her all his heartfelt thoughts to her that was he really liked her. He asked Eve to be his girlfriend. Eve was shocked and excited, but remembering the precarious feeling Frank gave her while doubting his words, she refused.

Just before everybody else in the class was going to universities, Eve went abroad with her family. Although some classmates told her that Frank, indeed, loved her very much, everything was too late. They were going to be separated and Frank was hurt. Eve wrote some letters to Frank after getting settled, but there was no reply from him at all. They broke up thoroughly and would never have a chance to get together again.

Now, every night, Eve is alone thinking about her past-tense Romeo and this regrettable love

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