Raising Children

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Raising Children When I gave birth to my children I thought I had gone through the toughest part of having children. When anyone talks about having children, they always talk about the pain of childbirth. What they failed to mention is how hard it is to raise them correctly. Not everyone has the same methods on raising children, so finding the perfect way to raise them is almost impossible. What they also forgot to mention is that raising children is harder, tougher, and extremely more complicated than childbirth could ever imagine. My method of raising my children may seem strange to some people, but for me it works. These steps are not all that it will take to raise my children, after all my children are still young.

There will be many more steps along the road of life. But for now this is the best way I know how.

The first step I use in raising my children is to make sure they know how much I love them. I grew up not really believing that I was loved, so as an adult I promised my children, and myself that they would never wonder. My children will always know that they are loved, and to make sure of that, I tell them every day.

I also try to show them how much I love them in my actions.

My next step is to try to make sure that I provide everything they need to survive in life. Not only the material things, but also the emotional support that they might need to make themselves feel loved and safe in the world around them. I have tried to show them that I would do, say, or give up anything and everything for their safety and well being. No matter...

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