Racisim In Harlem

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Rose Mary Cloney Mr. Stickney Business Law 1/19/01 Racism Today Society is amazing these days. People try to say racism does not exist in the United States, better think again! As I searched the World Wide Web in hopes to find something on racism I found too much. There was this site called "whites only". Net and it is just sick. It is run by the Klu Klux Klan. When you first enter they play this music and it stays on throughout your entire visit trying to brain wash you and convince you that whites are the "superior race." It just discus me! However while searching for things on the internet it came to my attention that it is very hard to find an all black web page were they are totally dogging white people.

I talked with my father , a forty-two year old man that went to south when racial tension was high.

He said he could remember when blacks would line upon one side of the Street, whites would line up on the other side of the street, then they would just charge one another.

So in my option violence in racism was worse back then but now they don't really get violent, they use what is called the "freedom of speech laws ". So now they can go to the Internet and bash each other with words of hate and violence and nothing can be done about it.

To my knowledge I think whites are more racist than the African American race. Also in my opinion blacks can be just as bad as whites, for example the new black panthers are more violent than the 60's black panthers. Which bring me to another point how is it black people can have there own channel and make fun of white people through comedy. Why is it they can have there own colleges and we can't have our own college. Sure there B.Y.U. but I don't want to be a Mormon.

Inclosing for us white people to do the things black people do we would be ridiculed and sued for racial slander? Why is that? Following paragraphs present additional information that supports the main topic.

The final paragraph summarizes and re-states the main point of your report.

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