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Psychology racism I read the article Racial Strain on Campus from the Chicago Sun-times the article was based on racism provoked by the World Trade Center attack. It talked about a few incidences on different college campuses. The article contained report on a fight that broke out at Uof I (University of Illinois) the Friday after the attack where a student called an Indian American student a "terrorist" which a fight broke out and the police had to get involved. Two other incidents have also happened at this campus involving some of the janitorial staff where they have been making racist remarks in which the janitors were punished. Other incidents have happened at DePaul University where students have been making "racist remarks "to Indian students that attend the school. Also written in the article was a case where a PR (public Relations) director was accused of making "false and defamatory" statements about some owners of Indian decent that have a gas station in Napervill, IL the pr was accused of sending e-mails to people.

Including higher business leaders in the area saying that these owners support Osama Bin Laden and that the owners where displaying posters in the gas station of Osama. The PR also wrote that the owners where flying the flag out side of there gas station. The Public Relations Director signed her name and her job title at the end of the e-mail "according to the law suit" My reaction to this article and this whole incident are really mixed feelings. I have a few Indian friends that I used to go to school with and where born here that I kind of feel bad for because they might be in harm from this situation. On the other hand I am still angered that these people can come over here so easily which was really the cause of all this. I am also angered at the Indian people that cheered on the attack because, they came here for freedom but their countries attack on the U.S is going to have an affect on the Americans that are Americans and it will also have an affect on them. I was always taught to respect and you will get respect back but now is sometimes find myself questioning that. The whole thing is just really an emotional rollercoaster.

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