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English IV- Winfrey Fall 2001 Dustin Schroeder There are three steps to put a computer together. If you follow these steps you can put one together yourself. The first step would be to go buy all of the parts that you would need. The next step is to put the computer together. The last step is to load all of the software that you would need. By the time you get done reading this you will know how to put a computer together and all of the parts.

I'm going to tell you all of the computer parts and the prices that you will need. We will start with the Motherboard. It is a FIC AZ11E Motherboard, the AMD Duron & Thunderbird it is a 900 MHz. I went and bought two stick of pc133 128 ram. The Motherboard and the presser and the ram total to the price $216.00.

Then now we look for a case that we like that will fit the motherboard. The Case we found was an ATX that will go with the board and looks good. The case is a three-piece case. The top comes off then the other two sides come off. The case cost me $45.00. Now we get what are wanting for the inside of the computer now. I found a sound card that is a sound blaster. This card we let you play all of your music as loud as you want. I go so speakers with the sound card. The speaker are a set of five one sub. And four small sparker so you can put them around your computer. The sound card and the speaker cost me about $150.00. That is not too bad for the card and the speaker we got. Then we are going to put the 3.5 Standard floppy drive. It is Computer Reseller News included this floppy drive in their Ultimate PC. The floppy is one of the cheapest parts it is a bout $10.00. With that great sound card and those speaker we got to put a DVD-Player it the computer. I found a SAMSUNG CD-RW (8X, 4X, 32X) + DVD-ROM 8X Combo drive this will let you have the CD-RW that lets you burn CD with out taking up room in the tower or the case. Having the DVD-ROM on the combo Drive will let you take advantages of the speaker that we bought. The combo drive is a lit bit more expensive it was bout $275.00. Now we will have to have a good Video Card to be able to watch the movies on the computer. So I got an ATX rage 128 pro. This card can play the best games in the world with not a flick of the screen. The card can play the DVD movies on your TV. The video care was about $150.00. We got to have some were to save all of the programs. We are going to put two SEAGATE 40.0GB 5400rpm Hard Drive. The U Series 5 is the industry's best value for the volume PC and consumer electronics markets. Using the tow 40 GB hard drive that will give you 80 GB of hard dive on the computer. The hard drives are bout $55.00 each so you are looking about $110.00. Now we are going to need to see so I got a nice SONY 19" Virtually-flat, high-resolution screen, outstanding image quality with reduced glare Aperture Grille pitch. Sets knew standard in image clarity and precision. The flat monitor cost about $250.00. Now you are going to need keys bored and mouse. So I got a This PS/2 Keyboard is designed with multimedia applications and the Internet in mind, your keyboard makes playing audio CDs, Video CDs, and the Internet easy and convenient. Just a push of a button and you're watching a movie or browsing the World Wide Web. Shortcut keys can be configured to launch your favorite programs and on-line. The mouse I got is just a Microsoft mouse. The mouse and key bored was about $35.00. That is all the part that I will need to buy to put the computer to put together.

Now we are going to put the computer together, we start by get the case. Open the case now lay it down were you can see the back is on the table. You will have a litter clips that is about ¼ inch long. You put the clips were you can see the top. There will be about 12 of these. You put all 12 in the holes in the case, and then you put the back plat in. where you plug the keyboard in, it will be about six inch. long. Then you put the motherboard in were the printer port goes in the plat that you put in. Then you put the 12 screwed in where you can see the clips.

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