Purification Of The Heart

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Purifictaion of the Heart Allah (SWT) says in the Quraan "On that day which means the day of judgement, nothing will benefit the human being, neither wealth or children, only the one who brings to Allah (SWT) a sound heart".

The sound heart or Al Qalb-assaleem is a heart that's free from the defects and the spiritual blemishes so this heart actually is considered the spiritual heart and not the physical heart,although the spiritual heart is centred in the physical heart. One of the extraordinary things about the modern era is that we are finding things out about the heart that were previously unknown to peoples who before us. Although we can see within the ancient traditions, for instance in the Chinese tradition, in Chinese medicine, the heart houses what is known as shen which is the spirit and the Chinese characters for thinking, thought, love, intending to listen and virtue all contain the ideogram from heart.

The ancient Chinese new that, also in almost every culture in the world people use metaphors that deal with the heart. We call people that deal with the heart, in English, hardhearted people, people who have hard hearts, in other words they are cruel people. Somebody who has a cold heart or somebody who has a warm heart. We talk about people wearing their hearts on their sleeves in other words they don't hide their emotions they don't hide their states from other people. We talk about also the idea of "he affected me in my heart or in my core". In fact the English word core which means innermost in Arabic the equivalent is called lub, actually comes from the latin word which means heart. So the core of the human being is the human heart. And also...

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