Psychology And The Mind

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Jeff Labe Psychology and Mind The human mind holds many mysteries. Most of them to complex to comprehend. Though what we can understand we research and break down until we are fully certain our theories have become fact. Reality, according to some is only what you can possibly undertsand. Everything else is just a mystery. Contridicting this thought is the example that we would have never thought we could understand dreams, but now we have broken the creative wonder of a dream down to a point. It's no longer just a dream to psychologists. Dreams are now somewhat of a reality. Something can attribute to every thought and feeling that life prevokes. Why are some people left handed? Just because? So we might have thought. Now this simple indifference has been attributed to the mind. Researchers have discovered that an inverse mind causes this small, kind of corky fact of life.

So what in life doesn't derive from the differences we all share differently in the mind? All emotion, behavior, ability, disposition, and self-image first conjur in the mind before becoming their finished product.

Dreams Freud, the man who knew it all about dreams, gives us many understandings of dreams in his work. He defines them as highly organized activities of imagination, and as mental functions that construct meaningful life situations and experience, unconscious conflict, emotions, and problems of adjustment. He held that unpleasent experiances and unacceptable ideas were lost and forgotten, submerged in the unconcious mind and often re-activated as dreams.

Freud and his associates also found that ones libido(the force behind all human urges) controlled some dreams into concieving emotional fantasies. He thought that dreams were subtle metaphors for all that life brings. The obscurity in dreams is only what ones mind can imagine.

Another dream related discovery...

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