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Byron Lynden English Avid 5' 9-27-01 Project Living Death It was May twenty-first the year two thousand five hundred, the day of the test. Some feared it, while others were anxious to take it and pass. In the plain white room with the blinding lights, there were around fifty students more or less. Out of those students less than half would pass this final exam. Some students there were taking it for the sixth time and some students were neophytes. Somewhere in that room was a promising man named Deo. He was just barley twenty-one, and he was very nervous. As the instructor passed out the mini disks, the students opened and started their laptops that lay on their desks. When their teacher finished passing out the mini disks, he announced, "You may all begin, Slide the mini disk into your laptop and the program will start automatically." Everyone slid their mini disk into the laptop and at that moment the quiet classroom had turned into a room filled with hundreds of click's.

As Deo's anxious fingers pressed the laptops' keys, he began to relax and realize that he knew all of the material. He relaxed and confidently answered the questions. Slowly, at first, people began to leave, either done with the test or sure they would never pass. Some would be back, and others wouldn't. Somewhere, in the middle, Deo finished the three-hour test and left the classroom, leaving it all behind.

Somewhere in the city of Hercules hidden in the hills there is a secret underground lab. On the outside it just looked like a broken down shack. The only way in was a small door with a heavy padlock. Then there was an elevator inside that required an ID card. Below that there was a gigantic facility with secret rooms and lab's everywhere. Somewhere in the facility there was a scientist named Dr. Kane. "Finally after all of those years of waiting it s almost complete," Dr. Kane exclaimed.

"Dr. Kane, it's 95% complete. At this rate, it will take two more weeks. Then it will be ready." remarked a young scientist named Ryan.

"I wonder now that our creation is almost complete, and we have created the Living Death serum, how should we infest the city?" pondered Dr. Kane.

"Father," said Ryan, "I have already picked out a way. All we have to do is put this serum into Hercules water supply." "Good idea son," Replied Dr. Kane. "Good idea." It was a week later that Deo got the result to the FORCE test. He had passed it with a 97%. He had been accepted into the most elite crime fighting unit ever, FORCE. A few days later, Deo was assigned to his first case. There had been reports of weird mutants showing up in a city named Hercules. He was sent in to investigate along with the rest of his team members to investigate. Deo was one of the five assigned to the case. In that team, there were three men and two women. There was Amy who had been in FORCE for two years. She was the team's medic. She carried a bag filled with dozens of first aid items, from tetanus shots to cough drops. There was Chris who was the commander for this mission. He had been in FORCE for five years. He was the weapon's specialist, who was trained in almost every type of weapon ever made. He carried two desert eagles, a sub machine gun, a few grenades and a plenty of extra clips just in case. There was Scott, who had been in FORCE for four years, who was the communications expert. He had five ear pieces, one for each member so they could talk to each other whenever they needed to. He also had two cell phones, just in case they needed to call someone else or call in for backup. He carried a standard 9mm with one extra clip. There was Alexandra who had been in FORCE for three years. She was an explosive expert. She carried two barrettes with two extra clips and about 5 c-4 explosives. And then, there was Deo, the neophyte who had just joined FORCE a month earlier. Deo was just an all-around agent, not trained in anything in particular. Deo carried a desert eagle, a 12-gauge shotgun. He had four extra clips for the desert eagle, 20 shells for the shot gun and a 6" combat knife. Together, they were the team that was assigned to investigate what exactly was going on in Hercules.

As the FORCE team arrived in Hercules, they found no sign of life anywhere. As they got out of their car, they noticed that it was quiet. Not a normal quiet an eerie quiet. "Something's not right," Chris said, as he pulled out a desert eagle, "Stay on your toes." Deo also pulled out his desert eagle just in case. "Help Me! Help M. . . . " they heard a man scream. As they ran toward the noise, they heard a sound coming from the alley in front of them. It was like a low growl and then louder. Ahead in the alley, the shadows moved, and then, what looked like a dog came running toward them. The dog was too big, way too big. It must have been at least four feet tall when it was on all fours. As it came closer, they saw foam in its mouth and its sharp yellow teeth, hundreds of them. Chris was the one who fired first. He got off a clear shot right in the head and still the creature kept running.

"What . . . what the hell is that thing?" Chris yelled then he unloaded four more bullets in the thing, and it fell. As it lay on the floor, it still breathed. It tried three times to get up but it couldn't. It had been shot in the leg and couldn't stand.

"I don't know what the hell that thing was but I have a feeling it wasn't going to welcome us to Hercules," said Deo. They walked around the beast and into the alley where they had heard the man screaming. They saw a figure that resembled a man, but it had been clawed and bitten all over.

"D....Did that thing do this?" asked Amy.

"I think so," replied Deo. There was blood all around the body. The man was missing one of his eyes, a leg, and both arms.

"Alright, there's no use staying here. Now let's move out and tell HQ what we saw," Chris commanded. As they turned away, they heard a moaning sound coming from behind them they turned around and saw what was left of the man try to get up.

"There's no way I'm seeing what I'm seeing it's . . . it's impossible," exclamied Alexandra.

"Well, if you're seeing a man that just had both of his arms ripped off, had his leg eaten, is missing one eye and is trying to get up, then you're not crazy." quipped Said Scott.

"Oh," said Alexandra, "Good." As the thing got up they all stepped back. It tried to lunge at Alexandra but halfway there, it got hit with three of Chris's bullets from his desert eagle.

"Let's just get out of here! Back to the car as fast as possible!" ordered Chris. They all ran toward the vehicle with their weapons drawn. As they turned the corner, they found a herd of beasts lying on, under, and on the side of their car.

"Oh shit," Said Deo. They went back around the corner to talk about the predicament.

"Ok, here's our choices: Plan A, we walk in, guns blazing and get our car back." suggested Chris "And what's Plan B?' Deo followed up.

"There is no Plan B!" replied Chris, "MOVE OUT!" They went back around the corner and took on the beasts. The beasts ran at them as fast as they could. Deo shot one in the leg, blowing off one of the beastsa limbs. It fell, but it got up and kept running on its three legs. "Shoot them in the legs, so they can't get up." Chris yelled. Deo shot it in another leg with the shotgun, and that leg blew off, also splattering blood in every which direction. It fell down again and this time it didn't get up. It kind of crawled around a little, but couldn't stand.

"How in the hell do you kill these things?" screamed Deo, "There like unstoppable." "Just keep shooting," advised Chris. Finally, all of the dogs were rendered unconscious. They walked over the corpses of the filthy animals and saw that while they were fighting the beasts, a few stray bullets had hit their car. The gas was leaking out.

"Shit," said Deo, "Doesn't this just beat all." Suddenly, out of nowhere one of the dog's corpses grabbed for Alexandra. It just barely scratched her, barley drawing blood. Deo swung around and unloaded the rest of the bullets in his desert eagle on that vile thing, splattering blood all over Alexandra.

"Thanks, but uhh, next time, try not to make it so messy," she said. As Amy treated Alexandra's wounds, Chris tried to call HQ with his cell phone, but found that in Hercules, there was no service. Sudden without reason Alexandra jumped at Scoot and started to scratch him and claw at him.

"Wh . . . What's going on Alexandra?" yelled Scott, "Get off me!" He threw her on the floor and saw her eyes. They were white, all white. Then she started changing. Her neck grew and her legs extended, until she looked like a gigantic gorilla.

"What in god's name . . . ," cried Amy. Deo pulled out his shot gun and shot the beast clean in the neck blowing its head straight off. It then dropped, causing the earth to rumble.

"What . . . What happened to her," stammered Scott.

"It must have transferred into her system when the dog scratched her she must have become . . . infected," deducted Amy "Scott are you hurt? Did she draw blood?" asked Chris.

"No, I don't think so," Scott said, "Wait, yea, she did just a little on my arm." "If she drew blood Scott, then now you're . . . infected," said Amy.

"Deo, kill me," commanded Scott.

"W..... What!" stammered Deo "You heard me. Kill me, before I turn into a monster," ordered Scott.

"Scott, maybe we can stop it, now that we know what it is," suggested Deo.

"Just shoot me damn it!" shouted Scott.

"I'll do it," said Chris.

"Thanks, Chris," replied Scott. Chris slowly raised his desert eagle until it was pointed right at Scott's head.

"Good bye Scott," said Chris, as he pulled at the trigger, thus ending Scotts life forever.

"It has worked," said Dr. Kane, "Project Living Death is now a reality. Soon it will spread from city to city, country to country, continent to continent, until the whole world is swallowed up in its greatness, and I will be king, Ryan how many mutants are there now in our control?" "Father, there are approximately one thousand mutants left..... and three humans," said Ryan.

"What, how can there be three humans left that resisted the serum?" wonderedSaid Dr. Kane "From the video cameras around the city it appears they are from FORCE. They have also killed eight of our mutants." reported Ryan "They have killed eight? Well then we'll have to exterminate them! Is our creation complete?" demanded Dr. Kane. Ryan left the room and went into the Creature's lab. He looked at their creation. It was marvelous absolutely marvelous! He checked the computer consol by the Creature, and then he went back to his father.

"No, father, it will be complete in 24 hours and then...." remarked Ryan.

"Then the world will be ours no one will be able to stop us," blared Dr Kane, "No one!" As the FORCE team looked for a way to contact their superiors, they found that there was no power in Hercules. They tried using the pay phones, but they were dead too, they also tried using phones that were in restaurants and buildings, but no luck. They walked and walked and walked for what seemed like hours in the now dark city. Soon, they heard howls from what sounded like wolves. They heard moaning noises coming from the streets behind them and in front of them. They heard the squawks and caws of what sounded like birds. Then, as they turned the next corner, they saw a type of bird, a huge bird. The bird must have had a wing span of ten feet. "What the hell is that!" exclamied Deo.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, it's not going to help us find a phone," replied Amy. Suddenly, the bird turned around, and its eyes were all white, plain white. It looked straight at Deo and started to fly at him as fast as it could. Deo jumped to the side just in time, as the birds razor sharp claws ripped apart the air where he had been only seconds earlier.

"Shoot that thing down!" screamed Deo as he raised his shotgun, but before he could fire, the bird flew out of sight. Suddenly, they felt the wind stir. As they looked into the horizon there was a cloud of black. "Holy shit! There must be hundreds of them!" yelled Deo. Into the horizon were hundreds of the same birds each with a bloodthirsty grin.

"We have to find cover, NOW!" screamed Chris.

"Good idea," replied Deo. "Let's go hide in one of these buildings." As they ran toward the closest building, which appeared to be a Big Five, Deo tripped. He got up but then the birds were almost upon him. He got up and ran as fast as he could. While he ran, he felt the wind rush around him as a gigantic bird swooped in to attack him with its razor sharp claws.

"Watch out Deo!" Amy screamed. "It's right behind you!" Deo spun around and aimlessly fired his shot gun, hitting the bird in the left wing, causing him to fall to the ground. Deo turned around and ran as fast as he possibly could. He just made it in the heavy wooden doors, when a bird crashed into the door making a sound louder as a gun shot.

"We had better barricade that," Chris said. They grabbed a giant desk and set it against the door. The birds kept ramming the door. They grabbed some of the weights from the weightlifting section, and they began piling them on top of each other, until there was a huge impenetrable wall blocking the door. Suddenly, the pounding at the door stopped and it became quiet. They were safe... For now...

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