Process Of Developing Film And Photos

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Introduction This assignment is designed to allow the investigation of photography and how photography can be produced in many different ways. Some examples are moving objects, still life and portraits. The topic chosen for this assignment is "˜moving objects'. Many effects can be achieved when focusing on this area in photography. Using a Pentax SLR, and adjusting the shutter speed "" blurring effects, action shots or movement captured still can be achieved. The shutter controls how much light enters the camera, while also controlling how much action enters. In other words, the longer the shutter is open the more light and action is taken to the film. When taking pictures of movement with a long shutter opening, the picture is turned blurred.

Process After taking the pictures and recording the f-stop and shutter speeds, the film must be developed. Developing the film is showed below.

1. In complete darkness, the film is loaded onto a reel where it is placed inside a canister and closed securely.

After this is done, the canister's lid must not be taken off again until the film is ready to be hung up to dry.

2. The temperature of the chemicals should always be at 20 degrees Celsius, therefore prepare the chemicals so they are ready to pour in.

3. Film Developer is the first chemical to enter the canister, as soon as it touches the film when poured in, the timer must start for six minutes. Every minute for 10sec the canister must be agitated to dislodge any air bubbles and allow the whole film to be developed.

The developer acts on the exposed film to produce the negative. It involves a chemical called silver halide, which is a light sensitive component of photographic emulsion. This compound is made up of silver and either...

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