Problems Of Intercultural Marriages

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Problems of intercultural marriages America is a country composed of many races and ethnic groups each with their own customs and ideas. The ethnic variety helps build a strong and diverse society.

Interracial marriages and families play a strong role in achieving a society free of racism and prejudice. However, it is not a perfect world, interracial couples have to deal with people who will not accept them. Couples in interracial marriages have to worry about families disowning them , they also have to worry about their kids being confused about their culture because they are mixed, and lastly the couple has to deal with the society that can't accept interracial marriage.

When interracial couples first date, they have to worry about whether their family members will accept their mate. If the families do accept the relationship the couple will have a less load to worry about. If the families don't accept their relationship, yet the couples still decide to date they could be disowned by their family members.

For example, in a Korean magazine called "Figaro" they have an article about a 22-year old who was disowned by her family because she was involved with a Hispanic person. When she was pregnant she went to her parents house so they could make up, she believed that families should talk and work out their differences. However the parents were stubborn, so they didn't see it her way. They told her that they were ashamed of her because of the fact she was pregnant, not married and involved with a person from another race. Eventhough the parents were ashamed of her because of the choice she made, they should have been there for her through her time of pregnancy.

They should have accepted her apology, they should have also had her...

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