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Prison Gangs When the word gang is mentioned people usually think of the gangs that are on the streets in the neighborhoods. However, there are many gangs that are much more dangerous than any street gang. These gangs are the ones that reside inside of the prisons and jails. These gangs are organized mainly to control the prison or jails drugs, gambling, prostitution, extortion, etc.. They were also organized to protect the other members of that gang from the other rival gangs that lie inside the prisons.

There are four major prison gangs that are recognized nationally, though there is no official affiliation with other alliances These four major prison gangs are: Neta, Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerrilla Family, and the Latin Kings. These gangs usually have a small number of members in each individual prison, but as a whole these gangs have thousands of members, about 6% of the United States population.

Generally, to get admitted in as one of the members of a particular gang there is the "blood in, blood out" policy. This policy is when you would have to kill someone, particularly a member of a rival gang, which is the blood in. The "blood out" policy is simply death is the only way out of the gang.

Neta The Neta gang, which is very large in Florida's prisons, is a male gender gang. They are made up of Puerto Rican- Americans and Hispanics. The Net gang started in 1970 in Rio Pedras Prison in Puerto Rico. This gang was formed to stop the violence among the prisoners in the prison. There are many characteristics of the Neta group some are as follows: They establish ties to the street gangs, they see themselves unwilling to be governed by the United States, they live by the slogan,

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