Pre-teen Fashion And The Role Of Women In Society

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In today's fashion industry, the preteen stage is no longer a stepping stone for girls but an introduction to the sexy sultry and daring styles of women. Without realizing it, young teenage girls are being sexualized and that protective shield of innocence is breaking open fast. Young girls are not being made into "˜little women' but "˜little tramps' would be an appropriate word to use. Cosmetic companies are making millions of dollars with their transparent plastic purses and glittering makeup, which makes one wonder if these girls are getting shimmered up for their teddy bears. Not only that, the entire female gender is degraded in today's society where they are forced to believe that more exposure gives them more freedom and acceptance. Now, women who prefer to show less of their sexuality or those that cover for religious reasons are thought of as oppressed, imprisoned. The fashion industry is exploiting the image of women by introducing them to a superficial world that values external appearance more than inner worth and beauty.

Young teenage girls are being sexualized and their innocence is shattered by the so called younger styles that are appropriate for women in their twenties. The shows on television influence these young girls into wearing short skirts and see through tops. Society is making it normal for these young vulnerable girls to wear these clothes and put on the glittering makeup that make them look ten years older. What is sad is that these girls are actually eager to go along with all of this thinking it will establish and identity for them and help them fit in. These clothes and types of makeup are an insult to the definition of womanhood. Clearly, young girls are not being initiated into a world of elegance and professionalism, but one...

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