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The Power of Music If you look music up in the dictionary, is says "an artistic arrangement of different tones and sounds, which often are composed by means of notes and possibly accompanied by song". This is a short and concrete way of describing music. But for one, to whom music is a part of his life, music is much more and cannot be described so briefly. Whether you play music yourself or you listen to it, music can be many different things. By writing words to the music the author can make his opinion known. The words can give food for thought, and they can draw the listeners attention to e.g. problems in society or subjects, that normally are taboo.

You can listen to music just to pass the time, to relax or to dance. Music can be shared with your friends, e.g. when you go to a concert or when you play it together with them.

At concerts a lot of people gather to hear an artist or a group perform. It is a great feeling to be among so many others, who all have come to listen to exactly this music, and with the band playing and lots of cheerfully people, you feel intoxicated with music, and a delighted and an overwhelming feeling rushes through you. Music possesses a power to enchant you in an undescribable way.

To most of us music is entertainment. Many have dreamt and still dream of being a popular singer or musician, but for the greater part of us it is a dream, that never will come true. However some artists can live from playing music. Time changes and a part of the artists, who are famous right now, will not be celebrities in only a few years.

There is something for...

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