Postive Opnion on Music Piracy.

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Maybe you have downloaded a song from the Internet lately. And perhaps that song that you downloaded was by an artist that you had never heard before. Then you might have gotten their CD or gone to see them live. Maybe that artist supported downloading music. Say it was an artist that you had heard of by radio, TV, or another source; if it is that situation, the artist is already getting a lot of money. The Internet is a great way to get your music out to people that in other situations would not be able to hear you. Many artists need that. That's why music piracy should be legal

Without exposure, no one comes to see them live and no one buys CDs or other merchandise. Speaking as an artist who had music available on the Internet, I know from experience that many more people get to hear you than if you had no music available for download.

My band didn't get signed to a label until someone heard us on the Internet and enjoyed it. I got a chance to talk with Matt Huffman, founder and owner of Dishwater Records. I asked him how many of the band that he has signed had he heard of through music piracy. He told me that over half of the bands on his label were found somehow through music piracy.

Who gets hurt by free downloads? Save a handful of super-successes like Celine Dion, none of the real musicians that are real people you would see walking without body guards. They only get helped. Janis Ian is an artist who strongly supports music piracy. She says that letting people download music for free actually makes money: "On the day I posed downloadable music, my merchandise sales tripled," Ian said...

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