Possible Effects Of September 11th From A Canadian Perspective

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The effects of the tragedy on September 11 will be far reaching. The global economy which was already slowing down plummeted in the days following the attacks and it has gone back to just slowing down. The airline industries will have a hard time staying afloat with people questioning if travel by plane is really necessary, many will likely go under leaving even the giant companies weakened. Air Canada is likely to lose its advantage over its competitors.

Demands in increased security will take its toll on the Canadian Government. It has decided to take over the responsibilities in airports. It will cost them to hire security guards and it will cost them in buying state-of-the-art recognition technologies. Also the Canadian government has committed to sending troops to Afghanistan, which needless to say is expensive not only in salaries for the troops sent but fuel costs too send them there and the price of the bombs that they will be dropping, and to increase over all military funding.

All in all it seems likely that it will cost the government there surplus and most likely put the country into debt.

Globally it is also likely that the economic slow down will hurt the almost all nations financially. It is likely to be detrimental to the health and welfare of the average citizen in third world countries. International aid is likely to be received less because richer nations are not as rich anymore.

Politically, Muslim and Arab nations need to show support for the United States' war against terrorism. If not countries like Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen are likely targets. The United States war is directly against the Al-Queda network or so it states. Yet since Afghanistan has failed to hand over Osama bin Laden and his followers the U.S. is...

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