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Result Details>> fast seduction 101 home [ bookmark this site now ] [ link to this site ] home player guide player board boot camp a.s.f. archive p.a.i.r p.u.s.h.board articles ebook succeed reviews shade's journal books/tapes...

links acronyms/slang a.s.f. faq multi-site search chat - chat help cliff's list site news » about fastseduction.com » terms & conditions of use » copyrights [thread] [refine search] [new search] [previous] [next] Date Posted: 2000/03/24 11:02:39 PM EST Author: maniac_high Subject: Taro-san's Seduction Guide! Taro-san's Seduction Guide! 000325 I just got a snail mail letter from Taro-san, an awesome Japanese PUA (who speaks good English) who is staying in Paris this year, containing a summary of his chick seduction guide. He is an artist or something, and lives to PU chicks. I will post his note below as it is, and we can discuss it/take it apart/ask him questions.

I will also put it on my page during the next update.

Maniac http://www.pickupguide.com ---------Taro san's Seduction Strategy----------- From the archives at Maniac High's Seduction Guide http://www.pickupguide.com ROUGH IDEA OF THE SEDUCTION Step 1)Telephone call (3..5 times), it means NO DATES Step 2)Invite her over, (it means NO DATES) Step 3)Achievement (ie. the lay), it means satisfaction.

The point of "1)" is to enable her to talk about anything with you.

The point of "2)" is to make her want to see you.

For "3)", you want to tell her about/describe the "ceremony" [this is the "Our World" routine on Maniac's page (www.pickupguide.com)].

The "ceremony" is she must hug/kiss you (from her all the time, not from you..make her believe SHE's got initiative).. actually, you control her absolutely, but don't make her notice..make her believe she's got a choice/decides herself.

When she comes, intercourse is a SPECIAL experience, and makes each other peaceful, comfortable,

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