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In recent years, pop music has become a staple in my life as well the lives of numerous others. Popular music remembers the past while at the same time predicting the future. This is due to the fact that most popular music is marketed to a specific audience. Only by listening intently and analyzing both the lyrics and vocals of any given song, can one begin to both generate emotion and create understanding of what the artist is attempting to portray.

Many people have made the mistake of accepting exactly what the music industry has shown and told them. This is an example of limiting a person to only what they are told and taught rather than researched and reasoned. This can also be seen as an example of one embracing a life of "appetite"� by which there is no thought or reflection given to any area of their life.

Only by reflection and reason is one able to see the bigger picture, one that explores the idea of a temporary happiness.

According to Aristotle, the eternal end in life is that of happiness. While society is constantly working to attain this happiness, they fall victim to the packaged product of "happy"� that music provides us. Because artists today are paid to give the public what they desire and what sells, artists tend to forget this ultimate goal of true happiness and instead grasp unto the appealing falsities that are possessed by the clever and deceiving marketers of today's superficial music.

As time goes on, more and more people are forced to dig deeper into the music they are presented with. I, for one, have become a slave for popular music over the past few years "" spending rather large sums of money on everything from CD's to posters to...

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