The Politics Of Anarchy

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-The Politics of Anarchy- by Sapentia the Heresiarch Anarchy is the ideal government for an ideal world. But in our less than ideal world, I don't think it is the solution. Anarchy is based on complete freedom, this I would love to have come about.

However, there is too much ignorance in this world today to make anarchy feasible.

If we were to adopt a state of absolute freedom, we would be liberating the intelligent, sane individuals of our society. This would be the greatest accomplishment of humankind ever. However there are the people who would use this freedom for unacceptable actions. We can not let the ignorant people of whom there are far too many in our society today run unchecked. They would cause chaos. The idea of anarchy is the strongest in these people. I would shudder to think what someone would do if given the opportunity. Killing would be nothing, rape, torture, theft, there would be no order and no morals.

That is why we must have controls. Not the uber-facism of the ancients, but a set of morals that would be enforceable. Not to control the common people, but to keep the people safe from the few, the proud, the stupid. We would not lock someone up for thier lives for stealing.

We would make them repay, in labour. That is what sets us apart from the fossils.

Our ideas of crime much differ from the ancients. I propose that if two heresiarchs have a problem that must be settled, be it property, actions or what have you, that they bring it to public forum.

We shall let the masses decide who is right, based on the masses moral codes. This is the only way that we can prevent even our society from becoming...

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