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First of all I will define a poet. It is someone with imaginative and exprissive gitfs, and special sensitivity to his medium. But basicly it is someone who writes to express feeling or tell a story.

This is kind of hard to doa a paper on,because it is such a board subject. So I guess I could tell you a few reasons why I write. Writing is a good way to express your feelings about something. with writing poetry you can express your anger in a creative way. Like you could do it in some type of rhyme. Or you could add some type of music to express it even deeper.It can help you get through a hard time in your life. Or maybe you would won't to express joy that is a way to do it. I go through a lot, so with the discovery of poetry I have find ways to express the lost of a family members.

And it helps me keep a sence of peace of mind.

And so I feel like poetry is only true when writing comes from the heart.

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