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Poetry Reading Strategies Understanding Meaning Content Content is what the story is all about. It is often hard to understand every line of a poem, so understanding the theme/meaning is important.

Voice, Tone, and Mood There are three things to remember when reading a poem. Voice, which refers to projection. Tone, which refers to level of pitch. And mood, which refers to the feeling of voice "" reflecting the mood of the poem.

Understanding Form Internal Structure In some poems, there is a rhyming scheme. This organizes rhyming lines in a poem. For example; Old Mother Hubbard has a rhyme scheme of aab ccb because the first two lines rhyme, the third and last lines rhyme, and the fourth and fifth lines rhyme.

Poems can be divided into stanzas. Two consecutive lines that rhyme are a couplet. Three consecutive lines that rhyme is a triplet. A set of four lines is called a quatrain.

A quatrain can have any rhyming scheme. For example; abab, aabb, abba. A group of six lines are called a sestet and eight is called an octave.

Rhythm Syllable stress, emphatic stress, and phrasing and punctuation are three things to consider in a poem. All three of these create an atmosphere of importance.

Overall Structure Ballad These are told in a straight to the point way. They are often tragic and/or about love. Traditionally, they are written in quatrains with a rhyming scheme of abcb.

Blank Verse These are the in-between verses that don't have a rhyming partner. They are mostly found in longer poems or in songs.

Dramatic Monologue This is a single character speaking either too the reader, himself, or another character.

Elegy These are sad poems often about death with an uneasy mood.

Free Verse This term refers to any poem...

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