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I believe that education should enable students to learn subject matter from the teacher as well as the teacher learning from her students. Children need to feel comfortable in expressing themselves in a classroom environment. I also believe that children need to be heard, this will encourage them to share their knowledge openly with the class. Children have a better understanding for subject matter when they can get emotionally, physically and academically involved in the learning process.

I believe in teaching across the curriculum. Children learn by repetition. When a subject matter is taught through the five senses, children seem to learn and retain the information being presented; therefore the lesson becomes more valuable to the student.

As I continue my quest to achieve my goal I want children to feel that they are a great asset to our future. When a student learns from a teacher hopefully it is something that they can take with them and build on as they continue in their academic careers.

In order for a teacher to learn something from their student it helps if the teacher keeps and open mind. As a teacher, your ideas need to be innovative and continually changing with the times.

Believing that children should feel comfortable when expressing themselves is very important for a teacher to acknowledge. Children should never feel on edge about sharing their ideas with their peers. Classroom participation is something that I use on a daily basis in my room. If a child feels he/she cannot share their thoughts then as a teacher and a classroom we are missing out on that child's input.

Children need to be heard. As teachers, I believe we need to expand on the ideas that children have and encourage them to share their thoughts and insights.

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