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Phase One Cody Fry 8A3 I am doing an I-Search. The topic I picked is the death penalty. I am now going to tell you why, what I know, and what resources I am going to use to find my information.

Why I chose the death penalty? I chose the death penalty because it is often brought up in our society today. I think it is one of, if not the most, controversial topics in our world today. My interest in this topic comes from not knowing what really happens in the death penalty. I mean I know that you get sentenced to death but is it really right to sentence someone to death? I already know that the most common death penalty now is the lethal injection. To my knowledge now the state of Texas is the only state that has the electric chair. This issue of the death penalty matters because this is someone's life that people are dealing with.

Personally, if the crime that the person committed is very serious, then he should be sentenced to the death penalty, but if is not really serious than why not just give him/her life in prison? There are many things I want to know about the death penalty. Some of these are: what is in these criminals' minds that would make them do such a thing as to kill another person? Another thing that I would want to know is what other penalties were there in the past? I want to take a survey in my class seeing what my kids in my class think about the death penalty? Should someone be killed for killing someone else? What causes these criminals to kill someone? Is it stress? Do these criminals just hate the world? If so, why don't they just take their own lives? In the gas chambers, do you just gas them, or do you have to do a lot of other stuff? What other ways were there in the medieval times for death penalties? These are some of the questions that I hope to answer in my I-Search.

I think that I will get most of my information from the Internet and encyclopedias. I hope to find a lot of it in books. I will look in Encarta to see if they can answer any of my questions that I have. I really don't think that with my topic that magazines would have a great deal of information on the death penalty. I just hope that everything that I try will at least have a little bit of information on the death penalty. I know that can't possibly happen but I hope to find a lot of information.

Now that I know what I am doing to get my I-Search started I think I will do well. I hope my sources and my notecards will help me out a lot in completing my I-Search.

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