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Returning to school 1 My Reason For Returning to School I have many reasons for returning to school for example: higher leaning, better job, set an example for my kids, and to feel better about myself, just to name a few. So many that trying to fill up an assignment with them would sound like the same mundane stuff that papers generally touch on. However this is a subject that I must write about, so I'll do what I can to add my own twist to it. I'll start by talking about why I should not return to school and see which of the two hold better ground with you.

First off, by not returning to school I am closing any potential doors in the computer field that I may be eligible for with a degree. By not returning to school I can deny myself the chance at achieving a higher learning thus disabling my ability to comprehend the new technological advancements in my chosen field of work.

By not returning to school I am almost guaranteed to show my kids the ramification of not having a degree by giving them real life and live examples of how hard it would be to compete in the job market without one. I can deny myself the chance of achieving a pay rate that would allow me to pay my bills by the whole and not only half of what is required to keep me out of the red with collections. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that everyone will view this as being the "ideal future"� and would share these thoughts but hopefully for the few that do read this paper, may the right choice be made.

And what you ask is the right choice? For me that would be...

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