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Peer pressure is a big issue in today's society. We are each effected by it in our everyday lives, just some more than others. Out of all my years in high school I must say being a senior involves a lot of pressure that we receive from our parents, and teachers. Being a senior involves the hard S.A.T tests that we must take, start thinking about what field you want to learn in college, what college you prefer applying to, a Junior college or a four year school, and other important choices we need to make in the future. When it comes to school that's when the pressure starts from the parents. They are most considered about how well you do in school, and make sure to specify the importance of COLLEGE.

Peer pressure can be categorized in so many different sections. Throughout our years of growing up we may experience peer pressure for sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking and / or do something else that may harm someone.

A lot of the times when I hear about peer pressure I strongly believe that it's when somebody is pressured to do something they think twice about and do it only for one reason, to fit in. Everyone goes through a stage in their life that they want to be "cool" so in order to be cool you have to do what the "cool" people do.

Sex, alcohol, and smoking is advertised and seen each day from television to billboards. These are just a few things that cause peer pressure because after all people tend to be curious about what it's like to smoke, or get drunk. Peer pressure is one thing we can not ignore. We need to be strong to say no when it's something your not sure you want...

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