Payback. The Opposition

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Payback. The Opposition The English subject, reading and writing, has been catapulted at me since the very first day of Kindergarten class. At first they ease you with the nice little playtime and nap time, but then like a bat out of hell, English starts its brutal assault of pure evil. First, you are instructed to write six solid pages of the capital letter A. Then comes B and so on. Then there are the lowercase letters. It never ended. English for me has always been a drawn out, boring, hard, and just plain torturous subject (sorry to say so).

The main reason that I feel imprisoned in the "wonderful world of reading and writing" is most of the time the papers are shoved down my throat like the force-feeding of a prisoner. I am assigned a prompt, which most of the time is totally stupid. Then am supposed to write an amazing paper on it.

Most of the time the aftermath is, lets say, bull crud. People write completely fake papers to get high grades and score points with teachers. I think that a good writer should just in modern terms "tell it how it is". Write from the heart, that doesn't mean writing a 45 page description on how a candle looks as it burns slowly and beautifully, the hot wax slowly descends, closer and closer to the candle dish. If that is how you feel then write it. Live it. Be it. Fight for it. Don't pretend you care about it if you don't. I am rather fed up with this kind of fake writing because when I am forced to write like that, my best writing is never exposed, just the "get this paper over with" writing. "Me" stays covered up in the thick, murky debris of "fake" writing standards. No one gets anywhere following standards.

I, myself, I am sad to say I was a huge faker. I was King of the fakers. Being raised in a fake writing society, in the "fake" English system I was forced to write bull honkey from the time I was in the third grade, I didn't have much of a choice. But being raised in that system I didn't have that much of a choice. I will admit this; have learned to write using description and proper word choice and so on. But that doesn't require the level of craziness we are forced to learn. If I want to craft an amazing piece on "Why high school dress code should or shouldn't be enforced" then I can do like everyone else and just get myself through the paper with absolutely no real creativity or expression. I can score a 4, be happy, then go and fake up some more papers.

I am not sure where my complete dislike for the English subject came from. It could be me, former teaches, mentors or sheep. Who knows? None of them exactly tryed to make class bearable or teach up to par"¦I won't say any names (Fanty), some were the other way around, just rushed through it teaching nothing at all, not even the act of self-expression, which is the one and only good quality of English. I hope you are different I hope you can help to shift my taste of English.

I was glad that you assigned this paper. I felt like all you wanted was the truth. How are you as a writer? That is an excellent question. The answer to that question is I don't know. I haven't had much of a chance to really express "me" in my writing. This was the guinea pig of "me" as a writer. The topic was broad and open to many responses. I finally feel I can give you this one. If you are for it, then great, if you are in complete opposition, then we aren't on the same page. Oh, well no one's alike. The truth is not all writing is time-crafted and brewed to perfection. I wrote this paper in 30 minutes sitting at my computer. I hope I get some kind of response to this paper besides an "F" or whatever it is worth. The grade isn't that important, it's the feedback that counts. When people printed papers protesting the king they were frowned upon by many but smiled upon my many as well. This isn't anything close to that but it is exactly the way I think all writing should be, from your heart.

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