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Just Another Lousy Monday If you really wanna know the truth, I feel like getting up and jumpin' right out of the opened window behind me. I'm fed up with sitting in this lousy classroom listening to all the crap the teacher is sayin' and trynna look inarrested and all. It's been this lousy day full of crumby stuff and all. Like, I got up in the morning to find out I'm sorta' late for school again. I was trynna find my toothbrush for like twenty minutes or something' so finally I left without brushing my teeth. Big deal, who's gonna notice anyway. I went to wait for my crumby bus on this absolutely horrible bus stop full of all kinds of phony losers reading the lousy paper and all. So, as I stood there, my ass freezing, this completely jerky girl came up to me and said "Hi" in her phony little voice and started kissing and hugging me right in the middle of the town, you know.

Her name's Lucy Ivenoideawho and she's one of those totally screwed up kids reading their heads off and always reminding teachers to give homework and all. She started talking "˜bout how lousy her goddam science report was "˜cause she got only 96 percent. For Chrissake! 96 percent! Lousy my ass. Finally, the bus came, full of sweaty old jerks who're trynna touch your ass all the time or are giggling at you with their lousy yellowish teeth, their breath smelling as if they've just swallowed a dead pigeon and all.

I got to school to find a classmate on the bus stop. So she came up to me with the old whatdahellwouldhappen-if-we-missed-the-first-few-perods speech. I had quite a lot of dough so I said OK. She's cool. Not phony or anything, she's the kinda' gal I can hang out with having some fun and all. So we went to this café and who you think we saw there? Our lousy science teacher, for Chrissake! Boy, did she hit the ceiling when she saw us skipping school. What's the big lousy deal anyhow? We went to the crumby old school for our English period, which I don't really remember "˜cause I was sorta' listening to this crappy old junkish CD a phony from my class gave to me.

So the lunch break came and I had to meet my friend. She's cool, at least she's real and all. So we went to the lousy café to get some garbage to chew. As we stood there, this chick came up to me screamin' not to touch her lousy boyfriend again. For Chrissake! I don't even know her boyfriend.

After school some of my classmates took me to this phony café to chat after school and as we were sitting there this awful screwball came in. She's such a bitch if you get to know her or trust her. That's my crumby problem: I'm too trusty and all. She's this loser going around talking crap "˜bout people so she can be in the spotlight of attention. Boy, do I feel sorry for her. She's the biggest phony you ever saw I'm not kidding. Always overacting and all just to fit into a clique. I hate those goddam fellas, boy.Jesus Christ! I'm crazy! I really am.

Anyway, that's how my lousy day went on. I'm looking forward for a good old lousy tomorrow now.

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