Paleolithic And Neolithic Ages

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During the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages, major developments flourished from creativity. It was because of this creativity that allowed the people of this age to survive.

Hunting became their main resource. Not only did the first humans feed their families, but they also started to become aware of the environment around them. Through this "knowledge of the animal world"� (p.6) stemmed the importance of agriculture, population growth and art. The Paleolithic people expressed the beauty of the animals they hunted by drawing them on cave walls. It is these images that we find so amazing today, and consider them rare items of artistic expression.

The Neolithic people created a modern society. They took what the Paleolithic people created and turned it into profit. The agriculture that had been planted was soon used as an exchange for other goods. Bartering had soon led to a larger population and in turn a better economy.

The Neolithic age also had a respect in their daily lives and wrote about it. This "led to the development of writing"¦ prompted by the need to keep records, and later by the urge to chronicle experiences."� (p.7) It was these two ages that created what we refer to today as life. The major difference in these two societies or times is that they used everything they had and made it beautiful.

In Mesopotamia, location was the source of their civilization. They were located between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Again, the humans of this age used this river for hunting and fishing and soon began a society of their own. "The rivers supplied fish"¦ reeds and clay for building materials."� (p.11) As the population grew in Mesopotamia, so did the creation of objects that we consider necessities. When humans in the Paleolithic age drew on cave walls,

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