The Outsiders

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Chapter 1.

Ponyboy goes to the drive-in. On his way home, he wishes he looked like Paul Newman. A corvair begins to follow him , he realizes he cant get away. A bunch of Socs jump out of the car and surround him, they harass him, they're beating him up as other greasers come to the rescue, they chase the Socs away. They start smoking cigarettes they go back home, Sodapop tells Ponyboy that he wants the marry Sandy.

Chapter 2.

Dally, Ponyboy, and Johnny sneak into drive in, They see these 2 girls sitting in front of them, they start talking to them, Dally starts talking dirty to Cherry. She asks him to leave her alone. Dally buys cokes for everybody. He gives one to cherry and she spills it on his face. Dally gets furious and leaves. Two bit shows up and scares Johnny, he apologizes, Then Sheppard shows up looking for Dally to fight him.

Cherry asks Pony to go buy popcorn with her. While In line, Pony explains to Cherry, about how the Socs jumped Johnny , she says things are rough all over.

Chapter 3.

Pony, Johnny, Two-bit walk cherry and Marcia to two-bits house to pick up his car, so they can drive the girls home. A mustang drives by them slowly, then it turns around and drives by again. It stops, Randy and Bob get out of the car and it looks like there's going to be a fight, Two bit breaks a bottle and gives it to Ponyboy, then he takes out blade from him pocket . Cherry stops them and says she hates fights. The girls get in the mustangs and they drive away. Johnny and Pony go to the parking lot, and they fall asleep. Pony runs home...

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