The Outsiders

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In the book, The Outsiders, a gang settles its rivalry with the rich kids from the other side of the city. The theme of this story is not to result in violence. It never solves anything.

The beginning of The Outsiders takes place in a big city. Toward the middle of the book, they move to the small town of Windrixville. At the end of the story, they move back to the city.

There are many characters in this book. Ponyboy Curtis is the main character. He is fourteen years old and a very good student. His older brother, Sodapop, is sixteen, going on seventeen, and a high school drop-out working at a gas station. He is the understanding person of the group. Pony's oldest brother, Darry, is twenty years old. He is the strict, father-figure of the group.

The conflict of The Outsiders is man versus society. It is man versus society because it deals with the pressures of being in a gang.

As Ponyboy Curtis walks out of the theater, he has two things on his mind-Paul Newman and a ride home. He gets jumped by the Socs, the west-side rich kids. His brother, Darry, scares them away. They meet the rest of the gang and go to the drive-in theater where they meet Cherry and her friend Marcia. One night Darry and Pony get into a big fight. Darry hits Pony, and Pony runs away. Pony meets Johnny at the empty lot, and they walk to the park. They get jumped by the Socs, and Johnny kills Bob. Pony and Johnny run to Dally at a friend's house. He gives them a gun and fifty dollars and tells them to hitch a train to Windrixville. The go to the abandoned church on the top of Jay...

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