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This play is called our town. It was written by Thornton Wilder and technically it's not being produced by any one. This is just a paper on the play. My name is Josiah Correll I will be your stage manager, only I'm not narrating the play I'm writing about it.

The lead character in this play is the stage manager. He is the narrator of the play and on my opinion it is this character that makes this play so incredibly creative. This character breaks down the wall between the audience and the actors. At one point he evan asks the audience questions, although those that he calls upon a pre picked and have memorized lines. I really like this character and with out the stage manager this play would never had been as successful as it was.

There are two families that the play really focuses on. The first is the Gibbs family.

Mr. Gibbs is the town doctor. He is married to Mrs. Gibbs who is a simple house wife who longs to see more of the world. They have a son and daughter. The youngest is Rebecca who grows up through out the play, although we see her most as a young school girl in the first act. The play really revolves around two characters one of which is George Gibbs. We really get to see George grow up from his teenage years through his years of adult hood. In the second act he marries the other person in which the play focuses on Emily.

The Webb family consists of four characters. Mr. Webb is the town doctor. His wife is a house wife just like Mrs. Gibbs. They also have to children. The youngest is ggggg who has the smaller role out of the two...

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