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Explain what each section of the poem shows us about the poet, his uncle and the poet's feelings towards his uncle.

"Ogun" discusses the poets feelings towards his uncle and his uncle's the poets feelings of going back to his roots and it also talks about his uncle's closeness with nature and his past.

Braithwaite uses a lot of onomatopoeic words to imitate the way in which his uncle works and also uses different metaphorical phrases to describe his uncle's anger. This poem has a quite slow, sad pace at the beginning but nearer to the end in the last section of the poem the pace gets quicker to emphasis the uncle's anger.

In the first section of the poemBraithwaite is describing his uncle at work. He uses onomatopoeic words and phrases such as "white wood" to imitate the pace of the plane his uncle is working with by using words which have the same number of syllables as the pace of the plane he is imitating.

He also uses word such as "smoothing" which convey the smoothness of the wood by using a long word. He is also trying to define the fact that his uncle is not just a craftsman but also a man of great skill. He does this in stanza's 6 and 7 where he says's "There was no shock of wood, no beam of light mahogany his teeth couldn't handle." Braithwaite explores his uncle's poverty in the second section of the poem. I can tell this because it says "but he was poor and most days he was hungry." Even though he had all this skill very few people bought what he had made because they couldn't afford them or they wanted the more common popular types of furniture. Braithwaite gets this point across by...

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