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Oedipus Rex The Character Oedipus Rex is portrayed as a character of social conscience. Aside from this, he is just sovereign and uses his judgment and reason in manner he feels to best suit his people, with little concern for either fate or his own well-being. The character Oedipus Rex is consumed by his anger and it transforms him from a leader who disregards fate to a beggar whose life is dictated by it.

Upon learning that he was fated to kill his father and marry his mother, Oedipus resolves never to return to Corinth. He utilizes his personal power as an individual wisely, but his quick temper is a visible flaw and brings his fate closer to him. While traveling towards Thebes with anger consumed inside him, he encountered Laius, who provoked a quarrel in which Oedipus killed him. The fallacy of Oedipus sets out his destruction.

Oedipus solved the riddle and as a result was given much recognition upon freeing Thebes from the sphinx.

The people of Thebes regard him as a god. They do not see his wisdom as originating from human means, and state: Yet we have come to you to make our prayer As to the man of all men best in adversity And wisest in the ways of God. (802, 36-38) He takes the problems of Thebes upon himself to solve, disregarding his fate, and his consumed by his fallacy to punish the criminal.

The character Oedipus Rex is blinded by his anger and unaware to see his surrounding and numerous warnings of his fate. The first instance in which his temper is revealed is when he first encounters Teiresias, a seer who refuses to divulge the truth he admits of knowing. Teiresias tries to warn Oedipus, "I say that you are the...

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