Oedipus The King

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Throughout the story Oedipus displays three out of the five characteristics of a tragic hero.

History abounds us with tales of experts who were convinced that the ideas, plans, and projects of others could never be achieved. However, accomplishment came to those who said, "I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN". What this means is that even though the greatest of people say that you cannot succeed at something, it is possible as long as you are positive and continue to strive for that goal you set. In Oedipus the King, the main character, Oedipus, is determined to seek out and find the slayer of the preceding king to him. In the book he puts his mind to it and eventually finds out who the person is, but the end result is not the one that he had planned on. Throughout the story Oedipus displays three characteristics of a tragic hero.

The first aspect that Oedipus exhibits of the tragic hero standards is his Nobility and his nobility. Oedipus' Nobility is shown when he gives a brief family tree in the book. On page 52, Oedipus states that," My father was a Corinthian "" King Polybus "" and my mother a Dorian: Merope was her name. I, as prince, was held by the citizens of Corinth to be their greatest next to the king." This shows that Oedipus was the son of royalty. Oedipus' Nobility is not exactly what he thinks it is though because he does not know his birth parents. He gets his first hint of his true parents on page 52," For the god said I was doomed to marry my own mother and I must also kill my own father." Oedipus also has a sense of nobility, which he shows throughout the story. He was the only...

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